There Is A History Of Everything, So Why Not Window Cleaning in Epsom

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The window cleaning kit that modern window jockeys carry with them have been largely unchanged since about 1936. The interesting note about these tools is that the squeegee was first introduced in the late 1800’s when it was called a sqilgee and was actually used by fisherman to clean fish guts off of the deck of their ships. That was until the Epsom squeegee was developed by several window cleaners in, of course, Epsom and gave it the name honoring the Windy City, with all of the glass they have.

The Epsom Squeegee had 12 screws and a fairly complicated procedure for removing and replacing the blade, so a gentleman named Etorre Steccone came up with one that resembles our current model. That was in 1936 and it was a better one because it was less cumbersome that the Chicago one and it is still the best one and most professional window cleaners still use it even if they use other tools at the same time.

The future of window cleaning in Epsom, it is hoped, will include a robotic cleaner that will help keep people off of the sides of tall buildings and out of hospitals.

The Etorre Company is still recognized as the leading provider of window cleaning tools and supplies.

One tool that was developed just after this period that allowed the extension of the window cleaner’s arm was the extension pole that had a brush attached to it and powered by a pump that forced water onto the surface of the glass. Many professionals call this a ‘Tucker Pole’ and some even use deionized water to clean glass as high as 40 to 60 feet in the air.

Since the invention of glass windows, sometime in the vicinity of 3500 BC, it has had to be cleaned. Of course, the first cleaning supplies was rags and 2007 little soapy water as well as a rinse process. This is still the process used by many home owners. The professionals will always use the kit that was addressed above. That kit consists of a bucket, designed for the long wet bar. This is a tool that has a cloth cover on it. It is dipped in the long bucket and applied to the glass in a scrubbing motion. The glass is covered with several strokes to emulsify the dirt. A window knife is used to scrap anything very sticky off of it and the squeegee is then brought out.

It is the squeegee and the way it is used that attracts all of the attention. Many cleaners, just starting out will use a simple top to bottom stroke to remove the now dirty water and all of the dirt from the window. Experienced window jockeys will cover the entire glass surface in one ‘swirling’ stroke to complete their job quickly.

Tall buildings have a lot of glass and they are a pain to clean as lifting and/.or rappelling gear must be used to get up to or down to each pain of glass.

Why Commercial Cleaning For Schools Is Vital

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Schools have a lot of things that make them dirty. Some people call them kids, children or students. There are many areas or spaces that must be cleaned on a regular basis because, without doing so, the health of everyone in the building is in danger. Commercial cleaning for schools can only be handled, adequately, by a cleaning company, offered by a property management team.

A property management company handles many things, such as maintenance, building and grounds work, gardening, lawn maintenance and the cleaning that is necessary no matter what facility is being considered.

Cafeterias must be cleaned and sanitized. That means the kitchens, themselves as well as the serving line, including the steam tables and all wheeled carts, refrigerators and stoves, ovens and flat tops must be cleaned and sanitized. All tables, chairs and trash cans will also have to be cleaned to help prevent food borne pathogens from spreading and to eliminate odors as much as possible.

Hallways are a place where a lot of debris is scattered when school lets out each day. These floors need to be swept, usually with large dust mops and the mopped, often with auto-scrubbing machines. The follow up process will be the high speed buffing that raises the high gloss shine that marks the floor as clean and ready for the next day’s education.

Individual classrooms are scheduled for phased cleaning, however each day there are some tasks that happen. This will be the removal of trash and straightening up the desks and chairs. Any dirty surface will be cleaned and any drinking fountains will be sanitized. Floors will be swept and mopped to make way for all of the little feet tomorrow. The floors are scrubbed and waxed, usually during scheduled breaks and holidays.

The offices will be cleaned on a nightly basis. This means the removal of trash and recyclables. The dusting of all horizontal surfaces as well as the wiping up of any spills from food or drinks. The dusting of all horizontal surfaces as well as the wiping up of any spills from food or drinks will be done. Windows are cleaned and floors are swept and mopped or vacuumed, as appropriate.

Gymnasiums are another area that takes a large crew of professional cleaners. Just getting the gym floor swept and mopped could take an entire shift and the buffing, especially the wood areas, must be done carefully. Any marks that are discovered must be repaired and the cleaning company called must be in the position of being to do that whenever it occurs.

The outside landscaping is also something that tales a lot of time and expertise. The lawns need maintenance, especially during the school year and all sidewalks and parking areas must be cleaned and maintained. This means pressure washing and patching as appropriate. The grounds, such as on the baseball or football field will also need special attention.The reason so much attention is paid to the commercial cleaning of schools is because of the health concerns that the students, parents, administrators and the local health officials have

A professional commercial cleaning company, offered by the property management company being used has the person el, the equipment and the training to see that the school is clean, looking great and has a healthy shine to it at all times.

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